10 Meter ARRL Contest

This year the band seemed very active. I started out using the G5RV Jr and wasn’t having a lot of luck making contacts. Switched to the GAP Eagle DX and usually got a response the first time. Once again the FT-950 was awesome. Happy Best rig I’ve ever owned.

I’m still a very casual user. I don’t call CQ. I just go up and down the band looking and answering CQ’s. The experience is rewarding for me. Imagine what would happen if everyone was calling CQ at the same time. I made 64 contacts. It was fun and therapeutic.

Until next year.


DFW Contest Group

I’ve joined the DFW Contest Group, a contesting group in the DFW area. I’ve participated in 2 contests so far. It is a new contest group that has over 100 members. I like the group because I can participate as I like. I am a casual contester and this is allowed. Happy Membership is free. Here’s the link:


Check it out! Happy

California QSO Party

The California QSO party is one of my favorites. There are 58 CA counties to try and contact. This year I managed to contact 32 of them. I still use a very leisurely approach and only answer CQ’s and don’t make any calls myself. I had contacts on 40, 20 and 15 meters this year. The new MFJ-993b IntelliTuner worked great!!! I really like it!!! I operated only SSB phone at 100 watts into my G5RV-Jr dipole.

Here’s a screen shot of the N3FJP contest software:



Washington State Salmon Run

Today (9/17/2011) is the annual Washington State Salmon Run QSO contest! This is a very fun contest and the certificates they send out are some of the best! If you haven’t gotten involved before, jump in - you’ll have fun. Happy I’ve participated several years now and have enjoyed it every time.

Here’s the link to the club’s site:

For logging software I use N3FJP’s contest software from

Just do it!

Screen Shot 2011-09-17 at 6.37.52 AM