MFJ-464 CW Keyer/Reader

I really want to get back into CW. My hands have been hurting so much lately and I've been trying to deal with the PTSD that I've let CW slip away completely. The last few days I've done some listening and copying, but when it comes to sending I switch to the dummy load and talk to no one. The MFJ-464 will let me send with a keyboard which I think will be easier for me or at least different enough to peak my interest again.

To make the CW reader useful I've found it is imperative to eliminate as much static and popping QRN from the signal. In my setup I have the FT-950 Phones output connected to the Timewave DSP-9+ Input. I have the Timewave Speaker output connected to the MFJ-464 Radio Input. I have the MFJ Speaker output connected to my shack speaker. That setup seems to work the best. Two things help a lot. Make heavy use of the RF Gain and Noise Reduction. In my case I'm adjusting the RF Gain for minimum noise, but making sure the AF Gain is set high enough to light the 'Normal' LED on the Timewave. The goal is to get the Lock LED to turn on and off with the CW signal ONLY, not the QRN. I find that it is getting easier to adjust with experience.

Sending for me with a paddle improved greatly when I set the unit to use Iambic B instead of A. I grew up using 'B' on my Heathkit keyer.