FT-817ND Burned Trace

A few years ago, i think in 2010, i was messing with some cables behind my desk by reaching through the shelf below. In the process I accidentaly gave the power cable of my FT-817ND a pretty strong downward tug. The radio went ‘pppaazzziippppp’ and i could smell ‘magic smoke’. The radio was dead. I quickly opened the case to see if I could find the ‘hot spot’ but I could not see it. Well.... I’ve since had my cataracts removed and I can see better so with the help of my camera i found the burned trace. Here’s a picture of the damage circled in red. I sure do wish I knew someone who could do that sort of soldering. I’d sure like to get this radio fixed - it’s a good one. I was running off the internal battery with a ‘Miracle Whip’ antenna near Fort Worth from a 3rd floor balcony and talked to a guy in PA on 20 meters. Stunning. Happy