MFJ-986 Differential-T Tuner

One of life's joys is getting new stuff from MFJ. My experience has been generally positive and I have lots of their products all over my shack. This unit works perfectly out of the box.

This time around I purchased an MFJ-986 Differential-T Roller Inductor tuner. Match occurs only at one setting, and is very easy to return to0 using the Differential Capacitance knob scale and the Inductance counter. For example, 7.290 MHz setting is 3 Capacitance and 50 Inductance. Both numbers are relative. One of the first things the manual had me do is turn the induction knob fully counter-clockwise and then press the reset lever through a little hole through the front panel.

Speaking of manuals. Happy MFJ products are coming with a single page sheet explaining that the manual can be found online. However, the online manuals do not contain the most important stuff. In the case of the MFJ-986 manual on page 7, 'Tuning Chart', the recommended Capacitor Value and Inductor settings are blank - that's just one example. I contacted support online and very quickly received a reply from Richard. He told me to send my address and is sorry that information is not available in electronic format. Makes sense to me they'd want to limit some info that is available for general public, but that is what the paper manual was for in the first place. MFJ is sending me a paper manual. Happy

Like I was expecting, the inductance knob is stiff. That is fine since I don't want it changing when bumped.

I took down my 40 meter single band dipole and put my G5RV JR back up. Beauty is that this is my shack and I can have whatever antenna I want. Happy

Here's some picture:

The case is very deep - 16 inches I think. I had to modify the top shelf to fit the case.

2015-05-08 21.07.56

2015-05-08 21.06.15