NS-40+ 40M 5W QRP Transmitter Kit

Here's a great little CW transmitter QRP kit, the NS-40+ (None Simpler). Very few components to solder and no coils to wind since they are built into the PCB. Assembly, if you are slow like me, takes about 30 minutes. The transmitter works well: great sounding keying and I'm getting a solid 4 watts output into my dummy load. The kit costs $30 from the Four State QRP Group http://www.4sqrp.com/NS40.php.

Now, to make my first contact! I'm excited!! Happy


FT-817ND Burned Trace

A few years ago, i think in 2010, i was messing with some cables behind my desk by reaching through the shelf below. In the process I accidentaly gave the power cable of my FT-817ND a pretty strong downward tug. The radio went ‘pppaazzziippppp’ and i could smell ‘magic smoke’. The radio was dead. I quickly opened the case to see if I could find the ‘hot spot’ but I could not see it. Well.... I’ve since had my cataracts removed and I can see better so with the help of my camera i found the burned trace. Here’s a picture of the damage circled in red. I sure do wish I knew someone who could do that sort of soldering. I’d sure like to get this radio fixed - it’s a good one. I was running off the internal battery with a ‘Miracle Whip’ antenna near Fort Worth from a 3rd floor balcony and talked to a guy in PA on 20 meters. Stunning. Happy



Flex 1500

Recently I purchased a Flex-1500 from FlexRadio. It is a QRP software defined radio (SDR) that puts out about 5 watts. I have had several QRP contacts with it, but I have also acquired an RM-150 HF Pro amp used from another ham (this one won’t end up attached to a CB). W8JI did a very thorough review of this amplifier and it can be pretty dirty over about 100W. His review is at W8JI’s site - I recommend that you read this. I have levels set so that I don’t go over about 50W or so out and I’ve found that works just fine. I did get a relay buffer from radiodan.com, W7RF to protect the Flex PPT circuit. It works great! About $50 and can be also be found on eBay. Reading around the net this seems to be a good recommended configuration. I am getting good audio reports. I’m continuing to tweak PowerSDR to take full advantage of this great little SDR.

2013-09-30 22.25.17FlexPowerSDR


Woot! Woot! First contact with the HW-8!!

This morning I couldn’t sleep well because of the thunderstorm, so I got up and played with my new HW-8 (good time to play radio, huh)?. I tuned up on 40 meters and called CQ once and got a call from NM3B, Wayne, in PA. He was coming in 599 with some QSB and he was reading me at 559 to 579 and said the QRP signal was FB. I get excited on first contacts. Thanks Wayne for putting up with my rough fist. Happy The replacement front end RF transistor mod worked really good and I had no trouble copying his signal at all. Was going back to bed but I’ll never be able to sleep now. Happy My output was about 2.5 watts into my G5RV JR up 30 feet.