Winradio WR-305i

The Winradio WR-G305i was my first SDR or rather a radio on a PCI card controlled by the PC - maybe a little of both. I use one of those PCIe to PCI expansion bus cards as you can see in the picture for about $30. Most of the PC's I've had lately do not have the original PCI slots, or they get hopelessly blocked by the video card. The PCIe to PCI expansion works great, to my surprise.

I loosely placed a zip tie around the radio and slot board to keep them together, although I don't think there will be a problem with it coming apart.

My PC is running Windows 10 Pro on a home-brew Intel i3 based system with 16 gigabytes of memory. Over the years it has been pretty much trouble free.

Here's the link to Winradio's product page:

Winradio installed on PCI expansion

The end result is a really good quiet receiver with great filtering.

Screen capture of Winradio software