Heathkit HW-8 - I'm in LOVE! Happy

Last night I saw an eBay posting for a Heathkit HW-8 with the matching HWA-7-1 power supply listed as a fixed price buy it now. I have a weakness for ‘biuy it now’ items. I don’t know what these things are worth and I don’t care, just make your auctions ‘buy it now’ and I’ll look at them. Happy
I’ve wanted one of these HW-8 transceivers ever since I saw one at the KH6SP Pearl Harbor Submarine Base radio station. Well, my dream has come true! So happens that the seller lived just a short distance from me and was willing to drop it off to save the trouble of packing and shipping it. I don’t blame him. It’s not every day that an eBay item arrives in less than 12 hours. Happy
All the bands work great. In fact, the radio works perfectly. The tuning is smooth. The audio is pretty good and the Radio Shack DSP 40 makes it even better. It transmits. And it is incredibly clean inside and I’m very impressed. I’ve been listening to QSO’s for the past hour. My New Years resolution is to get back into CW. Happy
It has an ’s-meter’ mod that gives a good idea of receive signal strength in addition to transmit relative power. That is the only mod it has. The rear panel is all original with no extra holes.
I’ve done the mod to replace Q1 with a MFP102 RF transistor and it has improved sensitivity. It is working very well! Happy
This is going to be fun!
Here’s a couple of pictures:

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