Flex 1500

Recently I purchased a Flex-1500 from FlexRadio. It is a QRP software defined radio (SDR) that puts out about 5 watts. I have had several QRP contacts with it, but I have also acquired an RM-150 HF Pro amp used from another ham (this one won’t end up attached to a CB). W8JI did a very thorough review of this amplifier and it can be pretty dirty over about 100W. His review is at W8JI’s site - I recommend that you read this. I have levels set so that I don’t go over about 50W or so out and I’ve found that works just fine. I did get a relay buffer from radiodan.com, W7RF to protect the Flex PPT circuit. It works great! About $50 and can be also be found on eBay. Reading around the net this seems to be a good recommended configuration. I am getting good audio reports. I’m continuing to tweak PowerSDR to take full advantage of this great little SDR.

2013-09-30 22.25.17FlexPowerSDR