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SDRuno works very well on Parallels Desktop/Win10 Pro

National NC-57 vintage receiver

Today I received this radio from an eBay seller. Clean and works good. I have not looked in the chassis yet to see the state of caps, resistors, etc., but I'm going with the 'it works so it must be OK approach. Happy I love nice glow of the tubes.


Radioddity GD-55 HT

The Oddity of Radioddity

I bought this radio mainly out of curiosity. Purchased from an eBay seller us_discounts1. Good seller. It arrived quickly in nice fresh new condition.

First thing is the programming cable has a counterfeit Prolific chip. That's first impression down the drain right off. If you install Prolific USB-to-Serial driver from here, What you are doing is installing an old driver that doesn't know about this particular version of the counterfeit Prolific chip. I would really be pleased if Radioddity replaced the cable with a legal one ASAP.

The radio itself is built like a
tank and does seem to work OK. I'll review a bit more as I get used to it.


Heathkit SB-303 Receiver

This is another of my favorites. I bought this one from an eBay seller. It came in very nice condition. Very clean and still works well. It need some DeOxit on a couple of switches and pots.


Update to QRP station

I finished up a minor project for my QRP station. I rewired the speaker and set up the Timewave DSP-9+. The Heathkit HW-8's audio was not driving my speaker very well and the signal was distorted. The Timewave fixes that and adds lots of noise reduction and DSP filtering.

Audio path is from HW-8's phones jack to the MFJ-464 then out from the radio speaker jack to the Timewave DSP-9+ audio in jack and finally out from the DSP-9+'s speaker jack to a MFJ-281 Cleartone Speaker. Sounds really good!!

Short video: