School bullying is not a problem that is getting better - it is getting much worse. Kids are pretty clever in keeping most bullying incidents hidden from school staff and from parents. The only time I believe that I was seen by a teacher was when I hit one back. I was told 'We don't hit back'. The principle was not aware of what was going on. Then I got a spanking.

Now that most kids have smartphones or computers with internet access the bullying can go on non-stop 24/7. If your kids really need a phone, consider getting them just a plain phone without texting or data. It is killing kids. I know that it happens in both public and Christian schools. Don't think that just cause your kid is in a Christian school that he/she is not being bullied. Think about it - why is it so important that kids have smartphones?

Bullying and Teen Suicide: Bullied to Death Why? Rascal Flats



Over the next few periods of time, I’m gonna post stuff about bullying.