Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan

Today is the release date of OSX El Capitan 10.11. I dunno what time it will be released and my Macs are in waiting. Happy

So far today Apple has released Safari 9 for Yosemite.

Happy Just found it. It didn't show as an update, but it was in the Apple Store and I'm downloading it from there. I'll be back…..

Windows 10 Upgrade Success.

I just spent the last three hours installing the Windows 10 upgrade on five of my PC's.

  • Late 2012 Mac Mini using Parallels 10
  • Late 2012 Mac Mini via Bootcamp
  • CyberPC stick
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro 8
  • Home built PC

I did not wait for the reserved install from Microsoft, instead I downloaded the MediaCreationTool from Microsoft and did an 'Upgrade this Machine' in place upgrade. No issues at all except I had to delete some stuff on the CyberPC stick to make room for the upgrade. I think that Windows 10 will be the best Windows yet. Happy