iView CyberPC Re-Image Day

  • Download the CyberPC Windows 10 Image and RAR extraction utility from here: firmwarecyberpc
  • Follow instructions here except format the USB flash drive as NTFS, not DOS32. ‎www.iviewus.com/download/instruction/Windows%20Tablet%20Installation.pdf
  • Plug in a USB network adapter. If you don't Windows Installer will get stuck on a blue 'Just a Moment' screen. This is because the installer is attempting to download updates without ever asking for the WIFI password.
  • Apparently the SD Card slot is not hot pluggable, either that or I hit the power button. Dunno. Happy
  • Just followed the update path and ended up with a stable Windows 10 Home 1607 build 14393.1066
  • When finished I highly recommend Macrium Reflect Free backup to make an image and bootable restore disk.