Yosemite First Install Attempt

My first attempt at installing Yosemite failed in an inability to complete expanding a file for installation. I was upgrading from Mavericks on a USB 3.0 drive. It rendered the drive un-bootable (I do have backups). Crashed at about 18 minutes remaining. Could the drive or drive controller overheated? It’s in a small aluminum snap together case. Here’s a pic of what it did to the drive:

Screenshot 2014-10-16 22.22.40

The second attempt worked just fine except for App Store is trying it’s best to update stuff that it already has. I installed to the internal spinner drive. Stuck here:

Screenshot 2014-10-16 22.32.44


Retiring the mid 2010 Mac Mini

i’ve been watching these 2012 Mac Minis for quite some time now. This last weekend I discovered that the 2.3GHz i7 with stock hard drive and 4 GB ram was on sale at B&H Photo up in NY. The 2.3 GHz mini stock sells for $799 on Apple’s site. At B&H it is $739 - a savings of $60. Plus for free I picked up another Parallels Desktop 10 for mac It will be delivered this afternoon, 10/7/2014. I’m pumped.Happy

I purchased 16 GB ram upgrade.

I think that I can put my Hackintosh to sleep for a long time. While it worked fantastic, I decided to just get another real Mac. This Mini is the 8th Mac I’ve owned. I’m also retiring my Mid 2010 Mini. That thing ran reliably since 2010.

Parallels Desktop 10 flies running Win 8.1 Pro.