Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan

Today is the release date of OSX El Capitan 10.11. I dunno what time it will be released and my Macs are in waiting. Happy

So far today Apple has released Safari 9 for Yosemite.

Happy Just found it. It didn't show as an update, but it was in the Apple Store and I'm downloading it from there. I'll be back…..

Yosemite First Install Attempt

My first attempt at installing Yosemite failed in an inability to complete expanding a file for installation. I was upgrading from Mavericks on a USB 3.0 drive. It rendered the drive un-bootable (I do have backups). Crashed at about 18 minutes remaining. Could the drive or drive controller overheated? It’s in a small aluminum snap together case. Here’s a pic of what it did to the drive:

Screenshot 2014-10-16 22.22.40

The second attempt worked just fine except for App Store is trying it’s best to update stuff that it already has. I installed to the internal spinner drive. Stuck here:

Screenshot 2014-10-16 22.32.44


Retiring the mid 2010 Mac Mini

i’ve been watching these 2012 Mac Minis for quite some time now. This last weekend I discovered that the 2.3GHz i7 with stock hard drive and 4 GB ram was on sale at B&H Photo up in NY. The 2.3 GHz mini stock sells for $799 on Apple’s site. At B&H it is $739 - a savings of $60. Plus for free I picked up another Parallels Desktop 10 for mac It will be delivered this afternoon, 10/7/2014. I’m pumped.Happy

I purchased 16 GB ram upgrade.

I think that I can put my Hackintosh to sleep for a long time. While it worked fantastic, I decided to just get another real Mac. This Mini is the 8th Mac I’ve owned. I’m also retiring my Mid 2010 Mini. That thing ran reliably since 2010.

Parallels Desktop 10 flies running Win 8.1 Pro.

Activation Nightmare

Continuing computer nightmarish episode.

First a bit of a rant: I sure wish there was a ‘Ham Radio Station Operators Who Are Always Tweaking Something (HRSOWAATS) software activation category. A Ham Shack is an always evolving living environment. Very little remains the same for a week, let alone overnight. I buy the stuff I use. I do not condone software piracy at all. I am not trying to rip someone off. I have one PC, one Mac Mini, one MacBook, two Android tablets, and a Dell Venue Pro 8 just for kicks (sort of like mistaking a Klingon Pain Stick for a Firestick Antenna).

OK. Here’s the story. Somewhere on the web this week I read that the Ethernet port on my B75M-D3H v1.2 motherboard was not stable. I know that you’re not supposed to believe everything you see on the net. Guess that explains the purchase some years back of an Isotron 20m coax capacitive hat. Happy No insult intended. Anyhow.

I went into BIOS and disabled the onboard nic. Then I installed a Trendnet 10/100/1000 PCI card i found out in the garage. Booted her up and rebooted.

Windows 8.1 deactivated.
iTunes store deactivated.
Parallels deactivated.
Paragon HFS+ drivers deactivated

I got everything reactivated. Had to email Parallels - they were quick with a response contrary to what the forums said. Microsoft’s phone activation worked (again).

Guess what? Yep. Network card was glitchy. Think it is not supported well with Win8.1 or Mavericks. System was unresponsive. Finder would crash every time Google Drive attempted to upload a file.

To be continued. My fingers are killing me ATM.

Lion is Here!!!! Yippee!!!

Mac OSX Lion 10.7 arrived this morning at about 8:45 AM this morning in the Apple App Store. It took about 15 minutes to download. The file size was 3.7 GB. Thank goodness for fast internet - imagine doing the same on the old 300 baud acoustic modems from years ago. Before I ran the installer I made a DVD. I upgraded my Mini and MacBook at the same time, the Mini from the download and the MacBook from the DVD that I made from the download. Both installs went without a hitch.

So far there are three major application problems I’ve encountered:

  1. EyeTV and ZephIR: EyeTV no longer talks to the ZephIR IR blaster for changing channels on my FIOS box. I’ve had to temporarily move my TV recording to my PC using Windows Media Center until a fix is made. 7/23/2011 Update: ZephIR driver 3.3.3 and EyeTV 3.5.3 have solved the problem so I’m back in business recording in HD! Excellent!
  2. DPS iTunes plugin and iTunes 10.4. The new iTunes 10.4 is 64 bit and breaks the DPS plugin. My music doesn’t should as good. They are working on a fix. 7/25/2011 update: The plugin will work if iTunes is opened in 32 bit mode in the ‘Get Info’ dialog. The developers are working their buns off getting out a 64 bit version of the plugin. Great guys.
  3. Mariner Paperless 2.04 is unstable running on Lion and is basically unusable. I don’t know what it is about Mariner. This happened when Snow Leopard came out too - like they are suddenly startled by a new OS release. I ere ally hope that this is fixed soon as my life is scanned into Paperless. 8/2/2011 Update - Mariner has released version 2.1 to address many crashing issues with OSX Lion. I’ve just installed it so we’ll see. Happy 8/3/2011 Update - Well, version 2.1 is a flop. Still crashes on close of multiple document scan. I’ve purchased a simple program called PDFScanner in the Apple App Store for use in the meantime. Come on Mariner - get it together!! Happy Update 8/6/2011 - Mariner released update 2.1.1 and the software still crashes when scanning multiple page documents. PDFScanner is looking more and more to be a permanent solution since apparently Mariner does not have the skill to write OSX Lion compatible software. 9/16/2011 - Version 2.1.2 has been released and the program still crashes when scanning multiple pages. PDFScanner is now my main scanning program since it has been mostly trouble free. Goodbye Mariner Goodbye.

Here’s some pictures:





Anticipating OSX 10.7 Lion!

It is now July 14th, the day I was hoping would be the release date for Apple’s new OSX Lion but so far I haven’t heard any roar! Happy Maybe tomorrow will be the day!

My computers are ready. I’ve gotten rid of any leftover PPC apps, done maintenance and backed up the hard drives.

Hurry up Lion!

7/15 Friday: It is now 10:00 AM Friday and no Lion yet. I bet it is going to be next Friday - the 22nd. That’ll be cool since that is my birthday. Happy