Parallels Desktop 7 from VMWare Fusion Crossgrade

An offer I could not refuse. Here’s the story:

I received a notification that VMWare Fusion version 5 has been released and I could upgrade to Fusion 5 Professional for a mere $49.99 plus tax. As it turns out $49.99 is also the full price for Fusion 5 and half the price of Fusion 5 Professional. Too rich for my blood.

Parallels is offering a cross grade to Parallels Desktop 7 from VMWare Fusion 4 (I think) for just $29.99. A great deal. Reading some of the latest reviews, it seems that Parallels is ahead in the race, so I decided to cross grade. Happy

I converted my Linux VM’s from Fusion without a hitch. Windows XP was a little more difficult and I was having trouble with it under Fusion anyways so I decided to reinstall XP in Parallels from scratch - without to much trouble - I had to update to Service Pack 3 to get windows update working properly, but I think that is a Micro$oft glitch and not Parallels.

Overall I think that Parallels is in fact faster than Fusion by about a factor of 2. So far I’m pleased. It was a purchase well spent.

I’ll also get a free upgrade to Parallels 8 when it comes out next month. Pretty Cool, Parallels!

Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 10.02.30 PM