Fiddling with MacOS Sierra Server

I've been messing with MacOS Server for hours and hours and hours trying to get Website hosting through No-IP Dynamic DNS service. I think I finally got it to work.
So now if I don't ever touch the Mac again and sacrifice the cat then maybe it will keep working. Happy


RapidWeaver 5

Apple has decided to discontinue the MobileMe service this fall when their new iCloud service is fully implemented. One of the services that Apple is not moving to iCloud is web hosting. I’ve had a web site on .Mac and then MobileMe for several years now since that web hosting service will be discontinued i needed to find other hosting.

Initially I thought that I’d just buy hosting and use iWeb to publish my old site there. I registered the domain and purchased a year of hosting from at a very reasonable price. I set up iWeb to publish via FTP but ended up with just a black page no matter what I tried. Frustrated I downloaded the demo of RapidWeaver 5 and in less than a minute had published a working site. That was enough to convince me to go ahead and buy RapidWeaver from the developers site. It is also available from Apples ‘App Store’.

To get close to the drag and drop functionality of iWeb that I’m used to I also had to purchase a plugin called ‘Stacks’ for an additional $25.00. Supposedly there is a large number of plugins and themes available for RapidWeaver, some of them free. The good thing is that there is active development of 3rd party themes and plugins for RapidWeaver.

Like any web design software there is a learning curve, bus so far it seems to be easy to learn. And best of all it is still Mac software!

I’ve read some reviews about folks having trouble with the software and calling it buggy however I’ve seen none of that. I’ll let you know if I do.

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 1.01.36 PM