Activation Nightmare

Continuing computer nightmarish episode.

First a bit of a rant: I sure wish there was a ‘Ham Radio Station Operators Who Are Always Tweaking Something (HRSOWAATS) software activation category. A Ham Shack is an always evolving living environment. Very little remains the same for a week, let alone overnight. I buy the stuff I use. I do not condone software piracy at all. I am not trying to rip someone off. I have one PC, one Mac Mini, one MacBook, two Android tablets, and a Dell Venue Pro 8 just for kicks (sort of like mistaking a Klingon Pain Stick for a Firestick Antenna).

OK. Here’s the story. Somewhere on the web this week I read that the Ethernet port on my B75M-D3H v1.2 motherboard was not stable. I know that you’re not supposed to believe everything you see on the net. Guess that explains the purchase some years back of an Isotron 20m coax capacitive hat. Happy No insult intended. Anyhow.

I went into BIOS and disabled the onboard nic. Then I installed a Trendnet 10/100/1000 PCI card i found out in the garage. Booted her up and rebooted.

Windows 8.1 deactivated.
iTunes store deactivated.
Parallels deactivated.
Paragon HFS+ drivers deactivated

I got everything reactivated. Had to email Parallels - they were quick with a response contrary to what the forums said. Microsoft’s phone activation worked (again).

Guess what? Yep. Network card was glitchy. Think it is not supported well with Win8.1 or Mavericks. System was unresponsive. Finder would crash every time Google Drive attempted to upload a file.

To be continued. My fingers are killing me ATM.

Life without Windows??

Life without Windows?

Today my PC started acting really slow while launching programs or opening documents. I had just finished installing Microsoft Flight Sim X. Eventually I got a BSOD that said that a Critical Task had Died. Great. Rebooted and was presented with the Automatic repair screen, black with just the mouse visible. Ugh. It never recovered. Rebooting and the drive is not detected as bootable. At this time my Win8.1 boot disk is on my desk. I do have a system image of the drive that I could recover from if I decide to. It takes hours of work to set the drive up and it only takes a second for Windows 8.1 to screw it all up. I’m not impressed. Sad

This is the Third time that Win 8.1 has killed itself. Note in head, ‘My four year old Mac Mini still has the original OS install, that has been upgraded from OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, to10.7 Lion, to 10.8 Mountain Lion and now to 10.9 Mavericks with no trouble at all.’

Most of my ham radio software runs on windows. Argh.... The good news is that I do a regular system image backup and the latest one was only about a week old. It restored easily in about 20 minutes.