Sabrent DS-UBLK USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station

I followed the reviews on and purchased this little drive dock. It sells of $22.99. For this price it is a great buy, especially for my Mac. So far it seems to mount drives with no issues on OSX El Campo 10.11.5 and on Windows 10. Some have said that it would be better if the case was metal, I agree, however that would make it a lot more expensive. I like how the power button is on an end instead of on the side so it takes up less frontal space. It does seem to be fast enough.

  • It plays well with Time Machine
  • The WD Green 640GB drive runs cool and quiet
  • The front blue LED drive activity/power light is not extremely bright like some.
  • I'm not sure what they mean by 'hot swappable' - procedure I find reliable is eject the drive from 'Finder' or 'Windows Explorer', turn off the dock with the power switch, push button to eject drive, insert new drive and turn on power switch.
  • Chipset is jMicrom 2.23

If you have a pile of drives sitting around, this could be a useful purchase for you.

Photo on 6-5-16 at 10.51 PM