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This is my Boot Camp picture. I can explain the eyes. Our company was lined up outside on a very bright Great Lakes, IL day. The photographer was in a trailer. Inside the trailer it was dark as midnight. Name, serial number, click click click, next. By the time it was over I was still trying to get used to the dark. I think my eyes were fully dilated. :) I had just turned 18 when this photo was taken.
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This photo was taken in my back yard at 226 E Spaulding Street, Watertown, WI. :) I have my MM3 patch so it must be leave before going to Pearl Harbor to meet my ship. While I was in Watertown I went to the library and looked up my ship in Jane's Book of Ships 1982 and discovered that USS Goldsborough, DDG-20 was in dry dock beginning a major SLEP overhaul. Be careful what you ask for on your dream card - you might just get it. I asked for a DDG out of Pearl, I got a dry docked DDG stuck at Pearl. I was ready though. I graduated 'A' school in the top 5%. :)
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This is a postcard that I purchased in the ship's store. USS Goldsborough DDG-20.
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I don't know who took this picture or where I got it. I do know that I am either on board the ship or working in the repair barge. Probably early 1984 since she is out of dry dock. The barge was the engineering section there was an air conditioning unit - York, I think. There was a mattress and pillows behind it and was a great place to nap for awhile while off duty.
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